Lumo Run

branding, packaging, UI, UX

Responsibilities at Lumo

While at Lumo, I was tasked with providing UI UX support as well as visual design support for both a wearable product for elite runners (Lumo Run) and a wearable product for posture correction (Lumo Lift).

Lumo Run was a wearable sensor that measured various running metrics with an integrated mobile app that could provide audio coaching when poor running was detected. Lumo Lift was a wearable sensor that you could affix to your clothing that could detect poor posture and provide vibration to alert to correct your posture.

I was able to provide assistance with research, wire-framing, prototyping, visual design and package design. Here are a few highlights from my time there.


These examples show onboarding instructions for unboxing and app launching. The product was at one point going to come with a garment or as a stand alone sensor with clip. Both version would require app integration and so those were the flows I was exploring. The final result includes video explaining how the integrated coaching element worked.


Starting a new run with feedback

Runners want to know where improve. Since The Lumo Run sensor captured metrics for cadence, pelvic rotation, bounce, drop, and braking dynamics and the app could share this information with runners, so they could have a starting point to focus on. These samples show metrics to work on for a given run.

Visualizing data

Runners need to know their stats per run. This exploration shows a new tab in the app that would visualize charts for each of the metrics being captured per run and how some of the interactions would occur.

Run Classification

In this UI exploration, we are giving runners the ability to classify the type of run they just completed. This is so important to runners as they need to compare each run against the same environment per session.

Coach Marks

The app consisted of complex components, this exploration shows a solution to provide education via coach marks within the context of each screen.

Packaging design

This is the final product packaging that I designed. It includes a shell box, sensor clip nest and instruction manual. I was responsible for designing the entire package including technical illustrations.