I’m Expecting Invite Flow

Android, UI, UX



Mom’s were requesting the ability to share their pregnancy progress.  The challenge for this project was to design a invitation experience for I’m Expecting on Android that consisted of affordances, navigation, and interactions expected on Android’s OS.

I sought out to make iconography and calls to action intuitively imply proper android functionality and create consistent UI patterns that were for both our iOS app and Android.


Invitation system research


Wireframe considerations


I spent the initial discovery phase investigating invitation delivery systems within a native experience for iOS and Android. Next I came up with multiple layouts and high fidelity explorations for consideration. Once narrowed down, I presented one final list view with the various interactions states and flow.



The final layout provides a consistent invite flow that android users expect and is easy to select from. I provided the assigned android developer the proper style elements and assets and the various densities that are required for Android.  The result was a invite system that was intuitive, easy to navigate and made it easy for Moms to invite friends and family to see their pregnancy progress.