Alaska Airlines

Android, Concept, UI, Visual Design


Visual Design Exploration

This was a recent project assignment given by a prospective new team. It was timed to 6 hours, but I went a little over. I wanted to focus on visuals of an existing app that I use, but felt could use some general experience improvements as well. Due to the time constraint, I chose to pass on multiple explorations. Much like the startup world we live in, once the constraints are defined, you have to bend and adjust to meet deadlines. This was hard, because I wanted to explore more interactions and general experience throughout the project.


Alaska Airlines recently updated it’s brand with an updated logo type as well as face-lift to it’s well recognized brand icon. I found that this was a great opportunity to update some visual elements to tie in to the look and feel described by them…

“It was a balance between taking what makes us who we are, and finding a way to modernize it with energy, life and confidence.”


Current app screens for Alaska Air Travel app


Some additional reactions to the updated brand compelled me to explore textures and imagery that was filled with cool north west tones as well as attributes of nature. The palette within the brand was a great anchoring system, but I felt it could use some additional energy. I chose to add a new accent color and explored a pattern that embodied some of the angular elements of aviation engineering.



Pattern exploration



Typography explorations 


My wireframes for main booking flow

  • AA_screens_splash
  • AA_screens_book
  • AA_screens_trip
  • AA_screens_flight
  • AA_screens_review
  • AA_screens_details
  • AA_screens_success
  • AA_screens_it
  • AA_screens_profile


With the time constraint, this was a good exercise in being more decisive with creative direction. I wish I could have spent more time exploring interactions, and user experience for the entire booking flow, but overall I enjoyed the process of aligning my creative methods to Alaska Airlines mission and goal with their new identity.

Alaska Airlines logo mark and logo type are property of Alaska Airlines.