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A captured gust of motion. This explorations was about familiarizing myself with line weight ad depth. Spray paint is tough in that if your nozzles are dirty or paint isn’t shaken well, you get quite a bit of inconsistency. Very challenging, but I ended up really liking the areas of tension with line weight and expressive gusts of motion.

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  • IMG_sheen
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One of five new pieces inspired by typography, I chose to use the arabic character SHeen for this piece.  I really love how fluid and oragnic the Arabic characters are. The paint I used was montana gold and I hand drew my characters on canvas paper and cut the letters to create stencils.

  • IMG_forgivness1
  • IMG_forgivness2

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  • IMG_forgivness5


I chose to use the Chinese character for forgiveness in this piece. The idea was to convey a sense of a whole continuous color, with the character having been removed and a negative shade left in it’s place. Then on top the gold character represents the filling of the absence with a stronger color.

  • IMG_Cascade1
  • IMG_Cascade2
  • IMG_Cascade3
  • IMG_Cascade4


I really like the metallic colors that are available from Montana Gold paints. I noticed while I was experimenting with them that they would give off wonderful iridescent effects and I wanted to see how I could capture different angles of color and brilliance through layering. I stenciled a 5 because I liked how the character had a nice balance of organic lines and straight angles.

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